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Vilnius College Faculty of Pedagogy hosted a seminar-workshop LEGO Education on the application of motivational education methodology and tools together with the content of integrated education for primary school students for the development of STEAM skil

2020. 01. 17

2020 January 17 A seminar-workshop “Application of LEGO Education Motivational Education Methodology and Tools Together with Integrated Education Content for Primary School Students for STEAM Skills Development and Skills Development” project “Continue” for primary education teachers was held at the Faculty of Pedagogy of Vilnius College.


Rita Mikelionytė, a junior researcher at Baltos Lankos publishing house, Renata Kondratavičienė, a lecturer at Vilnius College, and Rimantas Burnickis, sales manager at Baltic Orbis UAB, introduced the integration of world cognition, mother tongue, mathematics, ethics and other subjects.


LEGO Education motivational education methodology and tools for primary education were presented. During the seminar, new possibilities were presented to link formal and non-formal education using the integrated curriculum using LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 “Science in Life” tools. Most of the ideas expressed during the seminar were based on specific material contained in the integrated education textbook “Rainbow”. However, the ideas, activities and tools presented can be adapted to work without a textbook or with any other primary education tool.